Having a unique experience on building and chief-architecting world-class link-level Simulators (in LTE and other wireless standards), and having actively participated in the 3GPP RAN1 and RAN4 working groups' LTE/LTE-A simulation campaigns (study/work items), we undertake the responsibility of building new LTE simulators, according to your needs and in your favorite computing language, or re-factoring your own Simulators no matter how complex they are. In addition we take the responsibility of architecting your complex LTE simulators, and developing them to meet any RAN1/RAN4 or LTE modem needs and expectations.




Provided our long, active and successful participation to the 3GPP RAN1 and RAN4 working groups as delegates and as support for delegates, we provide expertise, advise and contribution to any PHY LTE (Release 12 and beyond) study and work item.


Modem R&D


With a very long exposure and proven experience to wireless baseband receiver algorithms' research and development, we provide solutions to your receiver/modem/simulator PHY algorithm needs, tailored to your specifications.